Dear friends,

My first exposure to professional photography was in college taking "party pics" at fraternity and sorority parties. Taking photos of drunk coeds behaving badly didn't seem very artistic, so I followed my other love, flying, into a commercial pilot career. I always loved cameras though and continued to hone my photography skills on the side, branching into more artistic fields like wedding and fashion photography.

I was blessed with a job providing global travel. Therefore, I embarked on an ambitious project to visit the Seven Wonders of the World. Friends commented that my images of these world treasures were "iconic" and that they were "living vicariously" through my photos. That's when I had the epiphany I could share beauty through my photography. I began grasping the art of photography, looking beyond the technical aspects and learning how to paint the world through my lens. It was for personal enjoyment, at this stage, and to share with friends.

Then one day I walked into a gallery looking for some art for my home. I recognized a photo of Venice on canvas, having just been there two months prior. The salesman said it was their top selling artwork. It was there I realized people wanted the images I was privately enjoying and I could have the privilege of sharing beauty with others in their home or office so I decided to open an online store.

Since then, my art has sold in commercial stores, been featured in coffee houses and niche boutiques. Galleries, coffee shops and other venues are welcome to contact me about partnering to share my art. Individuals are encouraged to browse the online store or email me for current displays open to the public. My art is the elusive challenge of capturing the grandeur of seeing an icon like the Taj Mahal or Great Pyramid in an image that conveys that emotion in someone's home. I hope it inspires you.