If you're looking for photos from the 2011 Israel tour, you have found the right place. You can view the photos here. As promised, I will send you any photos from your baptism for free. The remaining images are avaiable as 4x6 prints for $0.99/each or I can email you a high-resolution version that you can print yourself for $0.75/each. There is a flat $4.95 shipping charge for prints. Payment is accepted via PayPal or personal check. Each image displays a unique sequence number (most begin with 11Nov30_Isreal...). Simply email a list of the images you would like, whether you prefer prints or image files (or both), and I will contact you with instructions how to complete your order.

There are also two vidwo of the which can be viewed here: Israel and Jerusalem

The first video is all of Israel except Jerusalem and the second video is Jerusalem and Bethlem. If you'd like a copy on DVD or Bluray DVD, please email me at email@TimothyMichaelPhotography.com with which disk(s) you desire, your mailing address and desired format. DVD's are $10 for standard definition and $12 for Bluray plus shipping.

It's not my intention to make money on the DVDs. I bought an HD camera and Bluray burner for this project and would just like to break even. I had the entire trip in one movie but it exceeded the storage capacity of the disk in both DVD and Bluray format so I had to break it into two movies.