I was first exposed to photography in college taking "party pics" at fraternity and sorority parties. Although taking photos of drunk coeds behaving badly was very unartistic, it did help pay the bills. After school my love of flying took me into commerical aviation but I continued to hone my photography skills in the more artistic fields of wedding photography and fashion photography.

Then I had the good fortune of getting an aviation job that provided global travel benefits. Shortly thereafter I embarked on an ambitious project to visit the Seven Wonders of the World. Friends commented that my images of these treasure were "iconic" and that they were "living vicariously" through my photos. That's when I realized I had the ability to share beauty through my photography. I began to grasp photography as art and started to learn how to paint the world through my lens. At this stage, it was still for my personal enjoyment and to share with friends.

Then one day I walked into a gallery looking for some art for my home. I recognized a photo of Venice on canvas, having just been there two months prior. The Sales Rep said it was their top selling art. I told him I had similar photographic art from Venice as well as other iconic cities across the globe. He asked me to bring in samples. Thus began my journey to share photographic art with the masses.